About Us

How it All Began

It is an understatement to say small business owners have a lot to manage in one day. 

We know from experience how frustrating it can be trying to manage all of the different platforms available, as we did it ourselves and we found it overwhelming, to say the least. 

We found ourselves using the time that should have been spent acquiring and retaining customers being spent juggling 7-10 different management tools [and passwords] that we’re supposed to help our business and we found that we really didn’t benefit from the use of technology as an organization because everything was in disconnected systems and it just created chaos.

These frustrations are what encouraged the development of Enzebra, with us as the first users. 

As we continued forward, we began to notice that we were not alone in our frustrations! 

Why We Do, What We Do

We found that many other businesses were struggling with navigating disconnected systems, having a sense of the cost of their product, knowing what’s happening with their inventory, and relying on manual processes to keep their business afloat. 

We also found that all of the available programs that would manage all aspects of an individual’s business were too difficult to implement into smaller businesses because of the small team sizes, lack of training and ongoing support, and the high costs associated with the programs. 

This led to Enzebra – an all-in-one business operating system that provides businesses with everything they need, in one system, to manage and understand how their business is doing in real time.  

Enzebra helps companies realize the full benefits of technology to become more profitable

What We Actually Do

We provide your business with all the tools it needs to succeed. starting with Enzebra – a fully customizable platform that manages inventory, accounting, sales, reporting, and produces real-time analytics. 

We also design and develop an eCommerce platform for your business to increase your sales potential that is fully integrated with your Enzebra Core Platform. 

To improve the communication and ensure optimal utilization of the tools we provide you, we provide in-person training to ensure all your staff can contribute to your businesses success, reducing the administrative load, and we don’t stop there! We also provide customized training to ensure all new staff members can easily understand your business processes.  

How We Make an Impact

Enzebra was created by a small business owner to manage her life as a business owner – we understand a day in a business owner’s life and we are here to help as many business owners as we can bridge the technology gap as we have made it our mission to help companies realize the full benefits of technology to become more profitable. 

We leave a lasting impact as not only will we help you eliminate the need for manual processes, enhance your organizations internal and external communication experiences, and provide you with all the tools you need to produce real-time reports, we will also help your business eliminate the high monthly fees from CRM’s, accounting software, eCommerce platforms, chat programs, and so much more using Enzebra.

Enzebra provides you with an easy-to-use solution to manage your entire business in one platform that is completely customizable to meet your business needs. With no infrastructure costs and the included training our team will provide, you will be able to know how your business is doing at any point in time securely from anywhere. We don’t stop there, we continue to support your business growth from day one and into the future. 

Easy to learn

We provide in-person and virtually accessible training to train your whole organization so everyone can support your businesses success.

Produce Real-Time Analytics

With Enzebra you will be able to produce detailed reports on every detail that is tracked in the system to understand how your business is doing at any point in time.

Our Values


We want to make technology accessible to everyone as an organization, both from a usability and cost perspective. 


We are transparent and honest in all our business dealings and we charge an all-inclusive and transparent monthly fee. 


We strive to make businesses more efficient through accessible and easy-to-use automation. 


We want to humanize technology and support those who struggle with technology with training to bridge the knowledge gap to enable all businesses to take advantage of automation to save time, reduce administrative burdens, and stay profitable during these changing times.

Ashley Hickey

Chief Technical Officer

Raymond Hickey

Chief Operations Officer

Our Dream Team

Our multidisciplinary team has experience working with organizations and industries, including farming and agriculture, food and beverage production, manufacturing, and clean energy.

We encourage you to contact us to leverage our knowledge to get your questions answered, assist major organizational change management, and provide you with the tools you need to be able to keep your focus on day-to-day operations.

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We are here for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or to arrange a free demonstration of Enzebra to better understand how we can help you.