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No more spreadsheets!

Manufacturing, food and beverage, and farming companies rely on Enzebra to help them expand their market reach, simplify their operations, bridge knowledge gaps associated with new technology, and leverage automation to optimize every process in their business.

We’re so much more than a software provider! All of our packages include full-service training packages to train your employees and provide ongoing support.

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How we make it better

Enzebra is an all in one solution that replaces the majority of the programs you use to operate your business. Our unified system minimizes administrative work, optimizes production processes, allows inventory control, opens sales channels, and improves overall customer and staff satisfaction.

We take the pain out of:


Be ready for every order with real-time that allows you to the minute tracking of every item and it's location.


Gain control of your manufacturing operations, avoid out-of-stock items, and know your true product costs.


Grow your supply chain and build relationships and partners to conduct business transactions.


Sell B2C, B2B, or through another Enzebra client to gain visibility and expand your reach.

Why we're different

Say goodbye to high monthly fees from CRM’s, accounting software, eCommerce platforms, chat programs, and so much more!
Enzebra is an all-in-one solution that allows small manufacturers to manage their entire business in one platform.
With no infrastructure costs, high upfront fees, and included training our team will support your launch and ongoing growth from day one and into the future.


Enzebra believes in a team-first approach. Our team immerses itself in your daily operations to understand how you work and your company culture.

Easy to use

Enzebra was designed with the input of small business owners to eliminate the pitfalls of complicated programs not intended for everyday workers.

Support & Training

Our team offer implementation and post- support and training to your entire team.

Ashley Hickey

Chief Technical Officer

Raymond Hickey

Chief Operations Officer

Our Dream Team

Our multidisciplinary team has experience working with organizations and industries, including farming and agriculture, food and beverage production, manufacturing, and clean energy.

Leverage our knowledge to get your questions answered, assist major organizational change management, and keep your focus on day-to-day operations.

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